Recommended Printers

Due to the large number of Printers in the market , we would always recommend printing a sample before placing a large order of card blanks.

We would like to create a list of Printers where either ourselves or our clients have achieved good results.

Whilst some of the products have a coating , this is only beneficial for use on laser printers. Laser Printers will generally give a glossy type image , where an inkjet printer will absorb ink to a degree into the product, these products will not give a glossy photo image on a inkjet machine , but more of a natural watercolour type result , ideal for watercolours and certain art prints

We would welcome emails to update this list for the benefit of future clients.

Oki C9650 Colour Laser Printer
Prints up to 300gsm - Excellent results
We have one ourselves
Have trialed a number of products with a local dealer
Will print up to 280gsm
Will print up to 280gsm

Oki C7110 Colour Laser Printer

Prints up to 254gsm with Excellent results                                                             Customers have used Symbol Card 270gsm , Tintoretto 250gsm,                            & 250gsm Satin Coated cards 

Canon IX 4000 - Inkjet Printer

Canon Pixmia range of inkjet printers

Epsom stylus 1400 Inkjet printer

Epson RX 500 - Inkjet Printer

Ricoh - Gel Sprinter - Inkjet Printer

Rank Xerox Phaser 8560 - Laser Printer

Will Print up to 260gsm

This list is for reference only and we would recommend customers conducted their own trials , as they are many variables - Cardstock , image and printers

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